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Rörelse Box


Rörelse Box is a design investigation into children’s Physical Literacy (PL) in the home environment, situated in Umeå, Sweden. The study consists of a 4-piece cultural probe that gathers information about how principles connected to PL such as open-ended play, can be put into practice. The content of the box include a scavenger hunt, ‘Do-It-Yourself’ obstacle course, photo & video documentation and probe booklets.


The lack of physical activity has become increasingly problematic, resulting in non-communicable diseases that can be carried in later life. There is a global understanding of the need and effectiveness of physical activity. The question is therefore not why, but rather how to achieve it. Physical Literacy is an approach to increase and maintain physical activity throughout a lifetime, focussing on intrinsic motivation and movement for all. The study uses “Rörelse Box”, a cultural probe to explore children’s Physical Literacy in the everyday experience of being at home. The results reflect upon principles connected to Physical Literacy such as open-endedness, ownership and the role of technology. This research explores how to take the theoretical principles connected to physical literacy into the real world and put them into practice by using design.

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2020 | Semester project
Physical | Research
Umeå, Sweden