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Light Design

About the projects

During my semester at Victoria University of Wellington, I did two light design projects, from one conceptual angle and a pragmatic angle. I learned about traditional product design and gained experience in 3D modelling and printing. As a result, I went through two design process creating functional task light and a conceptual floor lamp.

KOOS floor lamp

KOOS plays with the notion of transforming a two-dimensional form into a three-dimensional space. As a result, the lamp offers a rich interaction between the user and the space’s atmosphere, giving freedom in the way the light is diffused throughout the room depending on the desired light intensity. This tall floor lamp allows for direct light in a flat position, the use of OLED lights visually remind us of the lamp as a 2D object. By rotating the veneer the light diffuses, capturing the light quality of a bulb which accentuates its spherical shape. The veneer strips allow the light to seep through each edge articulating a soft and elegant glow all around.

LEVY desk light

LEVY speaks to the notion of how light influences people in an everyday environment. Through two different positions of the lamp, it accentuates either a focused or relaxed environment depending on the desired mood. With a simple interaction of turning the light towards the wall, the light setting changes from cool direct light to a warm diffused light. Using technologies such as laser cutting and 3D-printing enables efficiency and ease in its production process. The interaction is enabled by a simple tilt sensor allowing the light to change between its two positions. LEVY was inspired by the working of daylight. Note how throughout the day natural light outside changes from a blue tone in the early morning to an orange glow at sunset. This influences us to awaken in the morning and to relax as soon as the day is over. In order to follow our natural rhythm as good as possible, constant day light would be optimal. However circumstances often do not allow for that, for example when working in an office or having to work at night. LEVY uses these notions to enhance an environment to the user’s needs, transforming the same space into a relaxed setting or a focused setting.

Nov 2017, trimester project
Victoria University of Wellington