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Electrical energy is woven in our everyday life. And yet, we are quite unaware of our energy usage. In order to save energy, people need to have a better understanding of their own usage.

By visualizing the energy usage of a household in a tangible manner, INA creates a better understanding of a user’s daily electricity consumption, stimulating them to consume less energy.

INA displays your current energy usage per room relative to your average usage by changing the color of the tiles. In this setting, green represents low consumption and dark blue high consumption. When the user wants to focus on a certain room, the module can be placed on a tile to see an overview of their energy consumption the past 12 hours in that room. This enables the user to recap the family’s energy usage without being constantly present.

Jan 2017, Semester project
De Meeuw
Josefine Funnekotter, Jules Huisman