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In this project we did a speculative design research about artificial food production in the home. We designed several artifacts that are part of a narrative displaying a future situation where lab-grown food could be part of someone's everyday life. The artifacts consisted of a in-vitro greenhouse for in the kitchen and several items in the house representing the zeitgeist. Through showing the narrative and having people experience the prototypes, we opened up a discussion about how people foresee a future with sustainable consumption.

Abstract of the research paper

A more sustainable food production is necessary, a possible solution can be lab-grown food. In this paper, we aim to research the appreciation for lab-grown food for individual consumption in the future. In order to learn about the appreciation of lab-grown food, showroom research was conducted, displaying a future narrative of how lab-grown food could be a part of someone’s everyday life in 2050. The research was conducted in Hubble, and a total of 17 participants shared their opinion. For the analysis of the data, thematic analysis was used. The findings suggest that the reasons for participants (not) to show appreciation for lab-grown are very diverse. Opinions are mostly based on environment, interest, effort and production scale of lab-grown food. Especially local mass production was a common term, which can be an interesting starting point for future research.

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Nov 2019, 3 month project
Eva van der Born, Elzelinde van Doleweerd, Jessie Harms