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Expedition BOF

About BOF

The Brabant Outcome Fund (BOF) is a fund that investors can earn back their investment with, if they contribute to achieving societal results in collaboration with entrepreneurs. It is based on results-based financing. The point of departure being a societal issue whereby not only financial success or savings are valued, but also the societal impact and sustainable results. This is about public-private cooperations whereby funds are utilised to create societal yields for vulnerable people.

About the design

We designed an interactive walk-through of the landscape of Brabant Outcome Fund (BOF) to communicate to possible stakeholders what their role in the system is. It shows different levels and first-person perspectives from stakeholders in the BOF network. Visualizing how BOF creates social impact, it explains how every party contributes and profits.

Currently, private investors primarily look at financial value. The Dutch government mainly offers subsidies that are available for solutions fitting into one domain and hardly consider specific results or impact. BOF wants to move towards a system where public and private funds work together to create more than financial value: a more open, green, and inclusive society.

There is an important potential for using private resources to address public objectives. Move from regional funding towards EU sources, logically the impact BOF can make will increase significantly. Setting up BOF-like programs in other countries in EU will enlarge the societal impact. Our design communicates these ideas to any potential stakeholder, investor or supporter.

Jan 2020, 3 month project
Brabant Outcome Fund
Charlotte Kuijpers