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Between my bachelor and master program I spend a year working at MedApp, a start-up in Eindhoven helping chronic medication users with their therapy adherence. The app provides everything one needs to make sure that they take their medicines as prescribed. During my time at MedApp I started out as the only designer in a team of app developers, meaning that I did everything from graphic design to user experience design to research. After a few months more designers joined the team, meaning that I had the chance to divide the work and focus on more specific projects described below.

NOTE: I am restricted to show my designs and process in more detail, because some of the designs are still in the implementation phase. If you wish to know more, please contact me.

UX design & research

From gathered user feedback and research, we pin pointed parts of the app that needed to be improved. I redesigned parts of the app such as the onboarding flow, data tab and calendar (see photos). In these processes it was always key to continuously gather feedback from our user group and better understand the user (e.g. patient journeys) to make sure that their needs were met.

MedApp's pharmacy service

In 2019, the company started a new service, where they would take care of everything necessary to get medication to the patients doorstep. Including renewing prescriptions, medication delivery and inventory. I was involved in the design of the service, starting from scratch. My main focus was creating a good experience of the service for users. Here, the challenge was to get the communication in the service very clear and trustworthy, so that the users felt comfortable to have a third party handle their medication for them.

MedApp PGO

“MedApp Persoonlijke Gezondheidsomgeving” is platform for users to gather and share data from different healthcare professionals. The platform gives users insight and control their medical data and who they want to share it with. The biggest challenge in designing this platform, was that it initiated from a new project of the government, meaning that there was nothing to start from. I only had a large database structure that contained all the possible data elements that exist in the Dutch medical system. From this, I first had to integrate all the elements into one platform design, before I could focus on the user experience.

Jan 2019 - Feb 2020
Digital | Service
MedApp Nederland
Concept Developer