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About me

I am Demi Jansen, a master student Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technnology. Currently I am looking for a project or internship starting September '21 to further explore the area of Service Design. I recently obtained my MSc. Cognitive Psychology where I developed a new visual field test for children with brain damage using virtual reality. Next to this, I currently work part-time as a UX designer at MedApp & as a junior service designer at Zeewaardig Service Design. At MedApp, we develop a service to help chronic patients with their medication management and at Zeewaardig, I work on citizen participation projects.

I am interested in designing within the complexity of systemic change and societal transformation. I believe that contemporary challenges cannot be viewed in isolation nor can they be solved that way. We live in a world where we are, more so than ever, constantly interacting with each other. Therefore, we need to include multiple perspectives and different actors to understand the system that we are designing for. I aim to create tools and experiences that empower and motivate people to be part of a positive shift.

Resume ↓

+ UX/UI Design

+ Service Design

+ Design Research (qualitative)

+ Psychological research (quantitative)

+ Workshop facilitation

+ Physical and digital prototyping

+ Adobe Creative Suite

+ 3D Modelling & Printing